The AS-02 is designed as the compact companion rifle to ARES’ AS-01, created for those Airsofters who like sniping, but also like to get a little closer to the action. Redesigned as a scout type rifle, the AS-02 features a shortened barrel, but doesn’t sacrifice any of the accuracy performance that made the full-sized AS-01 so popular. The barrel isn’t the only modification, as ARES has completely redesigned the chassis. The handguard has been replaced with an MLOK compatible design, allowing users to attach any accessories that they need, from flashlights and lasers, to grips and more. The stock has benefited from the addition of a folding shoulder brace, which allows you to better support the weapon when shooting from a fixed position or hiding in the bushes. The charging handle has also been replaced, now using a larger and more ball-like design, making it easier to grab and operate the bolt.

Much like it’s bigger brother, the AS-02 possesses multiple design features which are more traditionally seen on higher end Airsoft sniper rifles, such as the Top-down Hop-Up unit, short pull bolt and cocked warning indicator. The most notable features are the simplicity of the design which results in an easy to strip and maintain design; the bolt can be removed with a single pin. The AS-01 also uses AEG springs, rather than sniper springs, a feature which allows users to easily replace the spring with a wide range of common AEG springs without modification, safe in the knowledge that their AS-01 will continue to function properly. As an additional safety feature, the AS-01 has a weapon cocked warning marker, which indicates to the user when the weapon has been cocked and is ready to fire. The barrel also uses an internal stabiliser. The weapon is supplied with a 55-round magazine, over double the ammunition capacity compared to most Airsoft sniper rifles. Reloading has been made as easy as possible, thanks to the use of an ambidextrous magazine release and magazine guides in the magazine well. The mag-release has been extended to trigger guard, allowing users to use their index finger to release the magazine without having to let go of the gun for a quicker reload. The weapon chassis has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible, constructed from high strength and light weight polymers, the stock and grip have rounded edges for a comfortable hold, and features a removable grip plate which can be exchanged for other sizes. A standard universal bipod swivel mount is located at the front, allowing for the installation of a wide range of bipods. The outer barrel has a 22mm Clockwise thread for attaching suppressors, when a thread adaptor is used. 

This compact scout style Airsoft sniper rifle is the perfect rifle for anyone looking to get into sniping, as it combines many advanced features with a very attractive price tag


  • Part of the Ares AMOEBA STRIKER range
  • Bolt action sniper rifle
  • Compact scout rifle
  • Upgraded MLOK handguard
  • Folding shoulder support
  • Larger 'ball' type charging handle
  • Short bolt pull
  • Fluted outer barrel
  • Front universal bipod mount point
  • Interchangeable grip dystem
  • Ambidextrous rear sling loop plate can be switched from left / right
  • 19cm Fixed 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for Large Sights and Scopes
  • Top-down Hop-Up unit for precise setting
  • Hop-Up unit adds range and accuracy by imparting Spin on the BB
  • Adjustable Hop-Up unit for use with a range of heavyweight BBs
  • 22mm threaded outer barrel
  • Cocked warning indicator
  • Single pin removal to remove the bolt
  • Uses common AEG style springs
  • Stabilised inner barrel
  • Magazine guides for easy insertion
  • 55 round Mid-Cap magazine
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Extended magazine release around trigger guard
  • Ergonomic stock design

Package Includes:

  • Amoeba AS-02 'STRIKER' Bolt Action Scouting Sniper Rifle
  • Magazine
  • Basic Speed Loader

Ares Amoeba AS-02 'STRIKER' Scouting Sniper Rifle